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Atreyu "The Curse" Год



CD Album

Metal Core

N Название
1Blood Children (An Introduction)
2Bleeding Mascara
3Right Side of the Bed
4This Flesh a Tomb
5You Eclipsed by Me
6The Crimson
7The Remembrance Ballad
8An Interlude
10Demonology and Heartache
11My Sanity on the Funeral Pyre
12Nevada's Grace
13Five Vicodin Chased With a Shot of Clarity
14You Give Love A Bad Name (Japan bonus track)
Состав группы->
Dan Jacobs - Guitar
Travis Miguel - Guitar
Brandon Saller - Drums, Vocals
Marc McKnight¹ - Bass
Alex Varkatzas - Vocals, Lyricists
Music written by Dan Jacobs, Travis Miguel and Brandon Saller, lyrics written by Alex Varkatzas.
A limited edition version of The Curse, which was only available at Best Buy stores, included a bonus track, a cover of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name". Its Limited to 30 000 copy and used another cover which is in grey. The track is also included on the Japanese release.
"Right Side of the Bed" appears on the soundtrack for the video game Burnout 3: Takedown.

On June 28, 2005, Victory Records re-released The Curse with a bonus DVD. The bonus DVD included four of the band's music videos, as follows:
"Ain't Love Grand" (Music video)
"Lip Gloss and Black" (Music video)
"Right Side of the Bed" (Music video)
"The Crimson" (Music video)

Only 30,000 copies of the limited edition version of the album were pressed and each copy is numbered in accordance.

Album layout by Jason Link and Alex Varkatzas
Band photographs by Sean Stiegemeier
Digital editing by Ben Kaplan; assisted by Lee Robertson, Kurt McNally and Brian Gallant
Effects, make-up and teeth fabrication (model) by Louie Zakarian
Engineered by Dean Maher
Hair (model) by Silvia McBride
Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Mixed by Josh Wilbur
Model is Natalia Delano
Photography (model) by Justin Borucki
Produced by GGGarth
Re-touching (model) by Peter Possenti
Styling (model) by Selena Leong
Тексты песен
2. Bleeding Mascara

A wraith with an angel's body
A demon with a smile of gold
You soulsucker
I won't become like you
A killer with the perfect weapons, crystal eyes, and a heart of coal
You soulsucker
I won't lose myself in you

Look how pretty she is when she falls down
Now there is noСкрыть/показать


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