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« Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses »

Atreyu "Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses" Год



CD Album

Metal Core

N Название
1A Song for the Optimists
3Ain't Love Grand
4Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead
5Deanne the Arsonist
6Someone's Standing on My Chest
7At Least I Know I'm a Sinner
8Tulips Are Better
9A Vampire's Lament
10Lip Gloss and Black
Состав группы->
Dan Jacobs - Guitar
Travis Miguel - Guitar
Brandon Saller - Drums, Vocals, Melody Arrangement
Chris Thomson - Bass
Alex Varkatzas - Vocals, Lyricist
Lyrics written by Alex Varkatzas.
Music written by Dan Jacobs, Travis Miguel and Brandon Saller.

Album artwork by Justin Borucki
Album layout by Paul Miner
DVD artwork (limited edition only) by Justin Borucki and Clifford Raines
DVD produced (limited edition only) by Maxx Padilla of Click Vision Productions
DVD concert footage (limited edition only) provided by Sean Stiegemeier
Guest vocals on "At Least I Know I'm a Sinner" performed by Efrem Shulz
Mastered by Alan Douches
Piano on "Lip Gloss and Black" performed by Jaime Boepple
Recorded, mixed and produced by Eric Rachel

On February 23, 2004, Victory Records re-released Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses as a "limited edition" with new liner notes from the band. The new version of the album shipped with a bonus DVD. The bonus DVD contained a live concert at the Showcase Theatre, Corona, California held on December 27, 2003, two of the band's music videos and a bonus documentary, as follows:
"Deanne the Arsonist" (Live Video)
"Someone's Standing on My Chest" (Live Video)
"Ain't Love Grand" (Live Video)
"A Song for the Optimists" (Live Video)
"Dilated" (Live Video)
"Lip Gloss and Black" (Live Video)
"Ain't Love Grand" (Music Video)
"Lip Gloss and Black" (Music Video)
Тексты песен
1. A Song For The Optimists

Blow the last candle out. Let the wax harden
I wish I could stop crying. And I wish that someone still loved me [x2]
Just breathe and focus. How can I when the air is so cold and empty,
That my lungs froze right in my chest.
I'll be honest the silver linings are geСкрыть/показать


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