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16 ноя 2018 : Кавер-версия песни GG ALLIN от CKY
18 июл 2018 : Новое видео CKY
17 окт 2017 : Новое видео CKY
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CKY "Volume 1" Год



CD Album

Alternative Metal

N Название
196 Quite Bitter Beings 3:22
2Rio Bravo 3:10
3Disengage the Simulator 3:03
4The Human Drive in Hi-Fi 3:20
5Lost in a Contraption 3:23
6Knee Deep 3:35
7My Promiscuous Daughter 3:17
8Sara's Mask 5:01
9To All of You (includes hidden tracks Rio Bravo Reprise and Halfway House) 23:41
Total length: 51:56
Состав группы->
Deron Miller – vocals, guitar, bass
Chad I. Ginsburg – guitar, production, engineering, mixing
Jess Margera – drums
Additional personnel
Ryan Bruni – additional bass on "Lost in a Contraption"
Walt Mecleary – mastering
Label: Volcom (original release) - Island/Def Jam

The cover photo was taken during the 1999 Warped Tour.

Most songs were written when the band was known as 'Oil', before Chad joined.

96 Quite Bitter Beings, arugably one of the bands most popular tracks, was penned one afternoon when Deron decided not to go to work.

Rio Bravo was originally titled 'Rio Bravo Truckstop', but a design error on the first pressing had it labeled as 'Rio Bravo'. They decided to keep the new title.

During the breakdown section of My Promiscuous Daughter, the voices in the background are those of Jess and Deron making fun of their old manager and talking about how Ryan Bruni doesn't even know they are making an album.

Shippensburg, a b-side from Volume 2, was originally supposed to play after Sara's Mask, but it was removed, as it didn't fit well with the album.

Originally, during the low hum after To All of You, you can hear Deron and Jess arguing in the studio, and Deron rips up the lyric sheets and throws them in Jess' face. Since the album turned out so well, they didn't think it fit in with it, so it was removed before it was pressed.

The hidden tracks after To All of You are 'Rio Bravo Reprise' and 'Halfway House'.


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