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  Обмен / Продажа CD
СообщениеДобавлено: Вс 05.08.2018, 20:34 

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2 Ton Predator "In The Shallow Waters(Promo)" (Diehard Music)
Abacinate "Genesis" (Epitomate Productions)
Akercocke "The goat of mendes" (Peacville)
Alarum "Natural Cause" (Willowtip)
Alarum "Eventuality" (Earache)
Asterion "Zerzura(Digi)" (Australis Records)
Beyond The Sixth Seal "The Resurrection Of Everything Tough" (Metal Blade)
Blood Freak "Live Fast,Die Young……." (Razorback)
Body Count "Born Dead" (Virgin)
Brant Bjork "Local angel" (Duna)
Bruce Dickinson "Tattooed Millionaire" (Emi)
Bulletboys "Freakshow" (Warner Bros.)
Can Of Worms "Kult Of Nuke" (Great Dane Records)
Cats In Boots "Kicked & Klawed" (Emi)
Cerebral Extinction "Inhuman Theory Of Chaos" (Ghastly Music)
Chopin "Collection" Classic music
Chuck Loeb "eBop" (Shanachie)
Coitus "Fucked Into Oblivion(2 CD)" (Underground Movement)
Conniption "A Method To Madness" (MDD)
Cornered "This Time" (625 Thrashcore)
Crack Up "Heads Will Roll" (Nuclear Blast)
Desolated "Rotten" (OPOS Records)
Devil Stone Medicine "Coma" (Ocular Records)
Devolved "Technologies" (Casket)
Divided Multitude "Inner Self" (Sensory)
Divinity "The Singularity" (Candlelight)
Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult "I Declare:Treason" (Season of Mist)
Eat The Gun "Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion" (Limited Access Records)
Extrema "Better Mad Than Dead" (Scarlet)
Fear Factory "Obsolete(Digi)" (Roadrunner)
Forward To Death "Death Therapy" (Perfect Victim)
Frameshift "An Absence Of Empathy" (ProgRock Records)
Fudge Tunnel "Creep diets" (Earache)
Gash "Virgin On The Ridiculous" (Golf)
Goo Goo Dolls "Jed" (Enigma)
Gotthard "Frosted d" (BMG)
Gurd "Bang!" (Dockyard)
Gurd "D-fect" (Century Media)
Hate Eternal "Fury & flames" (Metal Blade)
Hate Squad "Theater of Hate" (Gun Records)
Hatetrend "Violated" (Violent Journey Records)
Hemlock "Bleed The Dream" (Candlelight)
Horizon "Worlds Apart" (Massacre)
Ingraved "Hatred From Outside" (Deadsun)
Injected "Burn It Black" (Island)
Inner Thought "Worldly Separation" (Dwell Records)
Insidead "Chaos elecdead" (Massacre)
Into Darkness "Sinister Demise" (Rising Nemesis)
Konkhra "Come Down Cold" (Diehard)
Kryoburn "Enigmatic existence" (Candlelight)
Living Sacrifice "Reborn" (Tooth&Nail)
Lunatic Gods "Ante Portas" (Hrom Rec.)
Lunatic Gods "Mythus" (Hrom Rec.)
Lunatic Gods "The Wilderness" (Shindy Prod.)
Lunatic Gods "Inhuman&Insensible" (Hrom Rec.)
Lunatic Gods "Sitting By The Fire" (Hrom Rec.)
Magenta "Metamorphosis" (Tigermoth Records)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band "20 Years Of Manfred Manns Earth Band 1971-1991" (Cohesion)
Maximum Penalty "Uncle Sham" (I Scream)
Megadeth "Peace Sells…But Who`s Buying?" (Capitol)
Megadeth "So Far,So Good…So What!" (Capitol)
Merauder "Five Deadly Venoms" (Century Media)
Mozart "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" Classic music
Mozart "Collection" Classic music
Mudhoney "Mudhoney" (Sub Pop)
Murderdolls "Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls" (Roadrunner)
Naked Truth "Green With Rage" (Sony)
Osker "Treatment 5" (Epitaph)
Painstruck "A Whole New Perception" (Paranoid rec.)
Pissing Razors "Pissing Razors" (Noise)
Potential Threat SF "A New Threat Level" (OSM Records)
Pride & Glory "Pride & Glory (2xCD)" (Armoury Records)
Pro-Pain "The Truth Hurts" (Continental)
Pro-Pain "Contents Under Pressure" (Candlelight)
Red "Until We Have Faces" (Essential Records)
Rick Wakeman "The myths and legends of king Arthur…." (A&M Records)
Rocco Deluca & The Burden "I Trust You To Kill Me" (Polydor, Ironworks)
Scarecrow "A Touch Of Madness" (Pavement Music)
Scars of the Insane "Searching for the Dead Sun" (Parat)
Six Feet Under "Death Rituals" (Metal Blade)
Skeletor "HellFireRockMachine" (Go Nuts)
Skid Row "Subhuman race" (Atlantic)
Skid Row "Thickskin" (Skid Row Records)
Skitzo "Five point containment" (Open Grave)
Space Eater "Merciful Angel" (I Hate)
Speeed "Powertrip pigs" (Massacre)
Starbreaker "Love's Dying Wish" (Frontiers Records)
Stone Sour "Come What(Ever) May" (Roadrunner)
Stone Temple Pilots "Purple" (Atlantic)
Suffocate "Exit 64" (Great White North)
Suicide Watch "Figure Head Of Pain" (Mosh Tuneage)
Superior "Younique" (T&T)
Supershine "Supershine" (Metal Blade)
The Nosebleed Connection "Hate For Free" (Vacation House Records)
The Wonder Stuff "Construction for the Modern Idiot(Jap.Sample)" (Polydor)
Tiles "Fly paper" (Inside Out)
Tool "Undertow" (Volcano)
Turbonegro "Retox" (Cooking Vinyl)
Ugly Kid Joe "America`s Least Wanted" (Polygram)
Vainglory "Vainglory" (MTM Music)
White Arms of Athena "White Arms of Athena" (Prosthetic Records)

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  Re: Обмен / Продажа CD
СообщениеДобавлено: Сб 22.12.2018, 14:26 

Зарегистрирован: Сб 02.06.2012, 10:35
Сообщения: 16
Откуда: Омск

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